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Скачать с ютуб Adult General Session: The Missionaries

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Welcome to Oregon Conference Camp Meeting 2021! 

7:00 PM – On the Road, with Jonathan Russell and Laura Pascoe sharing news from around the conference. Live on location each evening. (On the Road replaces Gladstone Today this year.)
7:20 PM – Worship in song, prayer time.
7:45 PM – Message by John Bradshaw
8:30 PM – TableTalk round table discussion of the evening's topic and questions from the audience.

Sermon Summary:
If they can, anyone can! Not everyone feels qualified to share their faith. Are some excused from taking part in the great commission? If not, where do everyday people fit in to the work God has given His people?

About the speaker: 
John Bradshaw is the President of It Is Written, a media evangelism ministry based in Collegedale, Tenn. A pastor, evangelist, author and television presenter, John is married to Melissa. They have two children. He considers it a great privilege to lead a committed team dedicated to sharing Jesus with the world.

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