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Скачать с ютуб #GDT New PUBG Logo, Realme Twitter Hacked, OnePlus Theme Store, Only AMOLED Redmi

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Hello dosto, here is another episode of GTU Daily Tech - here we have the latest tech news and answers to your tech queries, mujhe umeed hai aapko ye video pasand aayegi, please iss video ko like kijiye and share kijiye friends and family ke saath.

** Tips and Tricks **
How to Stop Google Assistant Repeat Command Suggestions: https://bit.ly/3etK0ne
3 Ways To Deal With Spam Emails in Gmail: https://bit.ly/3enXMI9

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00:00 Intro
00:21 Poll Results
01:12 PUBG New Logo
01:58 Rocket Leauge Mobile
02:31 Realme got hacked
03:15 Oneplus Theme Store
03:43 2nm Processor!!
04:36 Oppo K9 launched
05:13 Xiaomi AMOLED in Flagship
06:00 Twitter Tips
06:35 Tech of the Day
07:26 Tips and Tricks
08:00 Amazing Comments

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