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Скачать с ютуб Moondust Glitter Product Review with Stamp On It

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Join us for a few minutes as we explore the creativity of MOONDUST GLITTER... a micro fine glitter! Watch the quick demos along with numerous samples of this multi-talented product!


Moondust Glitter: https://www.stamponit.net/moondust-micro-fine-glitter-mndust?search=moondust%20glitter
Anti Static Goat's Hair Brush: https://www.stamponit.net/anti-static-brush-asbr?search=anti%20static
Double Sided Adhesive Sheets: https://www.stamponit.net/adhesive-sheets-dbl-sided-5-ADHSHTS5?search=adhesive%20sheet
Mini Spoons: https://www.stamponit.net/mini-spoon-pack-6-msp6?search=mini%20spoon
Crystal Lacquer and Micro Tips: https://www.stamponit.net/index.php?route=product/search\u0026search=crystal%20lac
Tombow Markers \u0026 Blender Pen: https://www.stamponit.net/tombow-dual-tip-brush-marker-dual-tip-marker?search=tombow%20mar
Black Print Art Acetates: https://www.stamponit.net/index.php?route=product/search\u0026search=Art%20Acetate
Outline Stickers: https://www.stamponit.net/outline-stickers-by-jeje
Medallion Outline Stickers: medallion sticker

Please be aware that this video was live on an earlier date and offers contained may be expired.

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